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(View from Mission Bay) 
Oil painting on stretched canvas 
2 metres x 1 metre (6ft 6ins x 3ft 3ins)
I completed this commissioned painting just before Christmas 2014, the result of months of work and a major piece in the collection. The client, a keen boatie and fisherman, wanted a painting of Rangitoto for the feature wall in his corporate office. I proposed this view from Mission Bay, capturing all the familiar elements of the Hauraki Gulf as seen from the eastern shore of Auckland city. 
The iconic cone of Rangitoto Island was formed by a series of eruptions between 550 and 600 years ago. It is the youngest and largest of Auckland's forty-eight volcanic cones and is home to the world's largest pohutukawa forest. 
The final stage of the painting, and by far the longest, was the finishing detail. Many hours went into the pattern of the water, along with the detail of the little wave, and the sand with its textures in the foreground. Completing the painting were the tiny sails seen out in the Rangitoto Channel, and Bean Rock Lighthouse on the horizon over to the left. On this scale the signature in the bottom right looks like it could be part of a footprint, but it is there I can assure you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of this large canvas. To give the painting a bit of public exposure, I put it up on a Facebook page simply called New Zealand. Within a couple of days it had received over 100 "likes", with one comment in particular which blew me away:  
"Fabulous oil painting. Best so far of the island. Love it."

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