"Whangapoua Dawn"


Oil on canvas

Released as a limited edition of 100 numbered & signed fine art digital reproductions

Whangapoua is on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, a few hours' drive from Auckland city. 
A few years ago I came across a little note pad which had on it a picture of a particularly outstanding coastal scene. Immediately I recognised it as something I would love to paint and so, through one or two leads, I managed to get hold of the photographer who very happily gave me permission to use it as the basis for a new work.
To get our own feel for the place, as well as back-up photo material, Judith and I took a drive down to Whangapoua, where we slept a few hours in the car next to the beach waiting for the sun to come up. In the early morning light the white sand beach was absolutely magical.
"Whangapoua Dawn" has been released as a limited edition of one hundred numbered and signed digital reproductions on canvas. The quality of these reproductions is so high as to be virtually indistinguishable from the original, and they have a lab-tested life, under normal indoor conditions, of more than seventy five years.
"Whangapoua Dawn"
on a stretched canvas with the image wrapped around the edge
Size: approximately 800mm x 530mm (31½" x 21")
"Whangapoua Dawn"
in a matte black moulding doubled with a pewter inner frame
Size: 957mm x 687mm (37½" x 27")
Unframed prints are gently rolled in a strong, sealed, PVC tube.
Image size: 800mm x 530mm (31½" x 21")
Prices in $NZ
Framed: $1,500
Stretched canvas: $1,350
Unframed: $1,100
New Zealand delivery included

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