Pohutukawa bronze relief



Bronze Relief
Measures 1220mm x 686mm
(4ft x 2ft 3in)
Private collection: M & S Smith
(Relief sculpture: Not fully in the round. Generally set against a flat background
or evolving out of a flat surface and creating the impression of depth and perspective.)
The sculpture "Pohutukawa" was commissioned by a couple who are collectors of my work. They had recently completed their beautiful new home and had a wall in need of the right piece of art; one that would suit both their interests and their decor.
Pohutukawa bronze on wall 75
After some conversation, and getting the feel of the house and grounds for a while, the idea for the piece suddenly came to mind. When I described it my client smiled and I knew I had hit upon the right concept.
With a little more discussion we had agreement to proceed and I launched into creating the new work. As this was a "one-off" original, I took shots of the work at various stages of development. When it came time to send the finished work to the foundry for casting, I asked them too if they would supply me with a couple of photos to show the rest of the process.
To see the work as it progressed, click here for "The Creation of a Bronze".

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